PETA Accused of Peddling Sexual Content to Children

CHILDREN’S rights activists want to ban PETA’s website in India because they claim it carries sexually explicit content.

Campaigners in the state of Tamil Nadu in the south of the subcontinent say the content is openly available to children.

Now The Tamil Nadu Commission for the Protection of Child Rights has called for all PETA web pages to be blocked in the state.

The recommendation comes after children told adults they had seen pictures of naked models on the site.

Mr Enoch Moses, who went to the Tamil Nadu Commission after speaking to one child, said in his complaint: “I found out how PETA has been using pornography and models to promote the cause of animal welfare.

“It is startling how PETA India has been allowed to use porn and women who strip for money in advertisements.

“This is illegal in India.”

He also said that many of PETA’s ads carry double meanings which can provoke explicit thoughts in a child’s mind.

The TNCPCR has now recommended that the websites and web pages of PETA be blocked immediately in the state.


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