PETA Attack on Kendal Jenner for Wearing Fur Gets Cool Reception at Milan Fashion Week

Activists who attacked Kendall Jenner for wearing fur found themselves out in the cold at Milan Fashion Week.

PETA said Jenner, 22, was a poor role model after she strutted down the fashion show catwalk.

But social media users were quick to defend Kendall.


She was targeted after appearing on the DSquared2 catwalk in a stunning fur jacket covering a satin print dress.

Christine Yuan said: “Fur is the oldest garment that humans wear to keep warm and it is same as the animal meats. Not to mention the leather jackets, leather shoes, leather belts … they all are animal skins. But you can eat animals or wear their skins but you can’t wear their furs. I am a bit confused, tbh…”

Lou Worth said: “I wear leather shoes. Carry a leather purse, a leather bag and own a leather jacket . Can’t criticise her for wearing fur when I’m wearing and carrying skin.”

Adaora Nwajagu said: “Can folks just leave this girl alone?? Get a life!! What’s your business if she’s wearing fur to MODEL!!! She’s working. Please get out and face your life.”

The model turned reality TV star refused to comment on whether she was wearing real or fake fur.

Mimi Bekhechi, director of international programmes at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said:  We are rightly gobsmacked to see any label send a mountain of corpses down its catwalk”.

“PETA will continue to put pressure on designers and celebrities to say no to fur.”


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