PETA Attacks Grandma for Shooting Gator That Ate Her Horse

A GRANDMOTHER who killed a “monster” alligator in revenge after the beast ate her miniature horse has been vilified by PETA.

Judy Cochran, 73, shot the killer gator after luring it into a trap with a dead raccoon, but PETA said she should be “ashamed.”

Social media footage shows Judy Cochran, who is the mayor of Livingston, Texas calmly killing the 12 ft., 580 lbs. creature with a single headshot. She believes the giant gator had eaten her miniature horse around three years ago.

In her area, hunters have permission to hunt the reptiles for three weeks during hunting season in September.

She believes the beast attacked and ate her pony on her Texas ranch when it wandered too close to the riverbank. The granny decided to target the massive creature and with the help of a trapper lured the gator to the riverbank using a scented dead raccoon.

“That’s a monster,” her son-in-law, Scott Hughes, can be heard saying during video on Facebook of Cochran aiming her rifle at the animal.

Cochran didn’t miss and killed the alligator instantly.

“You have to be a good shot, because he could just come walking up on the banks,” she said.

“They told me to shoot it right between the eyes, and I did. One shot in the head, and he went under. Typically, they do a death roll, and roll over and over, but this one didn’t.”

She now plans to mount the head in her mayoral office, make boots from the animal and eat the remaining meat.

The grandmother says cooked alligator meat, which she soaks in buttermilk, tastes like “chicken nuggets.”

PETA slammed the shooting. In a statement, they said: “We may not understand alligators the way we do animals we’re more familiar with, but we know that they’re expert navigators, clever hunters and fiercely protective parents who, most importantly, feel the same fear and pain that we do. Shame on the mayor for her cruel, cowardly act.”

But Ms. Cochran dismissed the complaint, saying the gator had become aggressive with its size.

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