PETA Funded by Prostitution

Organized prostitution is footing the bill for PETA’s latest poster campaign, it has emerged.

The controversial animal rights group has accepted an undisclosed donation from a notorious US brothel owner.

The cash is being used to finance nationwide anti-fur posters, which also carry the logo of America’s most famous brothel.

Dennis Hof, who runs the BunnyRanch brothel in the Nevada Desert, has helped bankroll the operation.

Hof, 71, is known to be the world’s best-known pimp and wrote his infamous autobiography The Art of The Pimp.

He has also admitted that he only dates prostitutes.

Hof divides opinion in America between those who see him as a successful entrepreneur and those who believe he exploits women for money.

The campaign seems certain to anger women’s groups over the apparent hypocrisy of using the proceeds of the sex industry to support animal welfare.

The billboard, which carries both BunnyRanch and PETA logos, shows grey aliens strutting nude out of their space ship alongside the message “We’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

Prostitution is outlawed in 49 of the 50 US states with only some counties in the state of Nevada allowed to operate brothels.

The BunnyRanch is located in Nevada near an area famous for alien sightings known as Area 51.

Dennis Hof, PETA sponsor and owner of the BunnyRanch said: “As government records reveal, Area 51 may draw visitors from other planets as well as from other states, so we’ve teamed up with PETA to greet them with a message of compassion for all forms of life.”

According to an official PETA press release, the ad will also be displayed in at least five cities across America.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said: “If aliens visit, we’d all better hope they don’t kill and skin us the way humans have done to other species. PETA is asking everyone to set a good example by treating all animals with more respect.”

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