PETA in Bid to Block Lifesaving Research

PETA wants to block medical research that could save thousands of lives.

The animal rights groups says scientists who plans to grow pancreases in animals are “out of touch.”

But experts at the University of Tokyo hope pioneering genetic research could save lives. The scientists want to grow human pancreases inside rodents in the hope of one day transplanting them into people with illnesses such as Type 1 diabetes.

If successful, the genetic engineering could one day be scaled up to grow people-sized organs in bigger animals like pigs.

But a spokesperson for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Dr Julia Baines said: “Interfering with the genes of intelligent, sensitive animals in a quest to create organ factories for humans is out of touch and a waste of lives, time, and money. History teaches us that transplanting organs from one species into another has been a total failure.

“Instead, we should be encouraging more people to register as organ donors and investing in cutting-edge, non-animal science so as to minimize the need for organ transplants in the first place.”

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