PETA Loses Caviar Campaign

PETA suffered a setback after officials gave plans for a caviar farm the go-ahead.

Activists had campaigned to block the move in Scotland but local authority chiefs over-ruled them. A facility to breed Siberian sturgeon will now be built in Argyll & Bute after plans by the Edinburgh-based Fynest Caviar Company were agreed by the council.

Scotland’s first caviar farm will be built at Cairndow next to Loch Fyne.

Planning officer Sandra Davies said: “As this application is for planning permission in principle it is only the principle of the development which is being applied for rather than the detail.

“In this application, however, the applicant has provided a lot of supporting details in order to demonstrate the acceptability of the proposal.”

The move angered activists.

PETA lodged a petition with 5,000 signatures opposing the farm, claiming that it would be cruel and inhumane.

PETA director Elisa Allen said: “This first for Scotland is a step in the wrong direction.

“Intensive fish farms cause immense suffering to the fish confined there.  In the wild, Sturgeons live in open rivers and migrate vast distances upstream to breed.”

“On fish farms, they are confined to tiny, severely crowded tanks, where they have no option but to spend their lives swimming in endless circles.”

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