Royal U-turn on Mohair Teddies

THE British Royal family has given in to activists and agreed to stop selling mohair teddy bears in its shops. The Royal Collection Trust said it was no longer selling the bears which are made from goat hair.

It comes after a £125 mohair Christmas teddy bears were targeted by PETA activists who wrote to the Prince of Wales.

They asked him to withdraw the “unethical” teddies from the royal website and shops.

The trust initially defended its use of mohair, claiming it had come from a reputable merchant, but it then backed down. In the letter to PETA, it wrote: “Our shops are no longer selling teddy bears or any other items that have been manufactured from mohair.  We will explore alternative sources for future products.” Yvonne Taylor, PETA’s director of corporate projects, said: “The Royal Collection Trust’s decision to stop selling mohair is a tremendous act of kindness towards gentle goats.”

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