What a bunch of muppets!

SNOWFLAKE animal rights activists at PETA want Sesame Street bosses to turn the Cookie Monster into a vegan.

They are calling for “dairy-free and cruelty-free treats”.

But fans of the blue Muppet, who also appears in CBeebies have hit back.

One said: “The Cookie Monster lives to eat cookies. 

“Why would the fun police want to take that away from him?”

Marta Holmberg from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote to Jeffrey Dunn, boss of the kids’ TV series with the vegan request.

She said: “Even Cookie Monster knows he must eat his fruits and veggies and might find he prefers plant-based, cruelty-free cookies. 

“A vegan Muppet could provide an opportunity for you to teach children about important issues and show them a world that’s tuned into compassion.”

PETA president Ingrid Newkirk even claimed it would demonstrate how vegans are “saving the planet, staying healthy, and helping animals”.

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