£50 Notes Here to Stay, Activists Told

THE new polymer £50 note will remain part of UK currency despite attempts by animal rights activists to ban it.

Activists wanted it banned because the polymer notes contain traces of animal fat.

But the Bank of England ignored the protests and has now announced a “new, more secure” version of the highest-value note in the UK, confirming it is here to stay. It will be printed on thin, flexible plastic polymer material, officials said.

A decision over whose image will appear the note will be made after suggestions from members of the public.

First introduced in 1981, there are 330 million £50 notes in circulation with a combined value of £16.5bn, the Treasury said.

The Bank said polymer is cleaner and more durable than paper.

Polymer notes last about 2.5 times longer than paper notes, the Bank said.

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