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Animal Rights Veteran Accused of Anti-Semitism

A PROMINENT animal rights campaigner has been accused of posting “disgusting anti-Jewish racism” on social media. Judith Hewitt from Rhyl, who is a member of the Labour Party in the UK and a supporter of opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, posted comments on Twitter criticising Dame Margaret Hodge and “rich Jews” who don’t want a socialist government.”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has called on the veteran anti-hunt and animal rights campaigner to be expelled from the Labour Party and for her Twitter account to be suspended.

The party has been embroiled in an internal row over anti-Semitism for nearly three years.

Hewitt’s tweets were posted to another prominent Labour MP Jess Phillips.

She wrote: “These Jewish MPs don’t want a socialist government they want a stinking Blairite party back to keep their wealth in off shore accounts.”

She added: “I dislike the way Hodge is forever sticking the knife in Corbyn. Israel are behind this s*it.”

But Hewitt insisted she was not racist.

She said: “I am the least racist person anyone can ever meet, admittedly I shouldn’t have lumped all the Jews together, but I’m just sick of all the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, as I don’t believe he’s anti-Semitic.”

“The Labour Party need not expel me as I will be removing my membership. I spoke out in frustration at the continual smears against Corbyn and I should have held back. That said I will continue my fight against animal cruelty as I have done for almost 30 years.”

A spokesman for the Board of Deputies said: “This woman is spouting disgusting anti-Jewish racism openly on social media. Twitter should suspend her account and if she is a member of the Labour Party she should be expelled immediately.”

A Labour Party spokeswoman said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints of anti-Semitism extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms. All complaints about anti-Semitism are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures.”

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