PETA Boss in “Car Crash” Interview with Piers Morgan

PETA executive Elisa Allen was accused of “hypocrisy” by Piers Morgan during a live appearance on British breakfast television.

During the “car crash” interview Allen, PETA’s UK Director and a vocal vegan campaigner, struggled to answer Morgan’s questions. 

He pressed her repeatedly as to why PETA condemned meat eaters so aggressively, after she conceded that she herself drank almond milk, which is widely acknowledged to have a huge impact on bees. Morgan accused Allen of “hypocrisy” for continuing to drink almond milk, which many argue shouldn’t be classed as a vegan food, because of the exploitation of bees required to produce it. 

In a heated exchange, Morgan said: “You are eating stuff that is made by exterminating millions of insects. Do you drink almond milk? You know that literally billions of bees get killed to make almond milk?”

A clearly flustered Ms Allen replied: “What I also know is billions of animals are getting slaughtered for their flesh. I care about all animals.”

But Morgan was unwilling to let her off the hook, and persisted: “Care about the bees or not? You work for PETA, so do you care about them or not? Why would you encourage the slaughter of billions of bees? It’s hypocritical.”

“Vegans are so aggressive about it and anti-meat eaters. If you want to be vegan do your thing I don’t care. If you want to be vegan and scream at me all day I’ll have a problem with it.”

There was a heated social media reaction to seeing PETA put in their place.

One user simply wrote: “Piers Morgan is doing amazing arguing with PETA.”

Another wondered: “Does the PETA vegan not eat meat because of animal cruelty? If so, will she campaign against PETA’s policy of euthanizing unwanted pets?”

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