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Vegans Lose £50 Note Battle

THE new plastic £50 note in the UK will contain animal fat despite an outcry among vegans and animal activists.

The Bank of England’s decision comes after a row over the use of a trace of tallow, rendered animal fat, in the new polymer £5 note in 2016. Switching to non-animal palm oil alternatives would be costly, officials said.

The 2016 row sparked a petition calling for the use of tallow in notes to be stopped. But the Bank announced in August 2017 that it would stick with the plastic containing animal fat as it said it would be too costly to switch to palm oil alternatives which also raised environmental concerns.

It has since also produced the new polymer £10 and £20 using the plastic, which contains less than 0.05 percent of animal fat.

A Bank of England spokesman said: “Within this process and after careful consideration, the Bank has decided that the composition of the polymer for the next £50 will be the same as for the current £5, £10 and £20.”

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