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“We Are Saving Babies’ Lives,” University Scientists Tell Activists

UNIVERSITY chiefs targeted by activists for conducting animal experiments hit back by saying: “We are saving babies’ lives.” Liverpool University in the UK issued a hard-hitting statement after activists protested against rabbit experiment wearing giant bunny outfits.

Member of the Animal Justice Project said 122 rabbits died in experiments at the university in 2018. But the University said its experiments are crucial.

It said in a statement: “The University uses rabbits in research to help develop new antimicrobial agents for babies, children and adults for treatment of diseases that currently have few, if any, treatment options.

“Rabbit models are used to identify safe and effective dosages of new drugs that can then be studied in clinical trials.

“This work has led to the approval of new drugs for babies and is providing a pathway for the study of new antibiotics to treat bacterial infections that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics.”

Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the University’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Professor Louise Kenny, added: “Research involving animals continues to make a vital contribution to the understanding, treatment and control of a range of major health problems.”

Animal Justice Project spokesman Gordon Tye said: “Liverpool University have used thousands of animals in experiments, but so many of these are needless and repeat previous work that has been done.”

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