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Pink Vegan Sandals Ridiculed Online

NEW vegan sandals which cost £280 a pair have been ridiculed online as “impractical and overpriced.”

The pink “Yola” vegan leather sandals launched at New York Fashion Week by Budapest-based fashion label Nanushka were slammed.

Australian Lifestyle reporter Rhian Deutrom, from Australia’s website, described them as: “Totally impractical… simply because no one could imagine ever wearing them outdoors. What we do know for certain is that even the softest, most ethical touch, cannot make these vegan leather sandals more attractive.”

Other online commenters agreed, with one social media user tweeting: “Do what you want to do, be what you want to be, but don’t fork out for these.”

According to fashion retailer Net-a-Porter, Nanushka and its products —including its vegan sandals—had performed “exceptionally well” over the last 12 months.


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