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ALF Attacks Family-Run Butcher

A family-run butcher shop has refused to back down after being targeted by the notorious Animal Liberation Front.

The group spray-painted the shop front with an ALF logo and a graffiti message reading: “Stop killing animals go vegan now.”

But Marlow Butchers in Ashford, Kent, UK, said it would keep trading as normal and urged residents against ill-feelings towards activists.

The family said: “The support that we have received has been amazing. We do not wish for this incident to cause any hatefulness to vegans. Please understand that this was probably the work of activists and is not a true reflection of vegans.”

The comment attracted 242 likes on social media and received more than 40 messages of support.

Lauren Chittenden wrote: “What horrible people. Everyone in and around Ashford loves you guys – you’re great.”

Gillian Garwood added: “Glad you got it cleared up, whatever people’s views and beliefs why can’t they let others have theirs and live in peace without ruining property.”

The ALF, which was founded in the UK, is the most aggressive animal rights group in the world and promotes eco-terrorism, direct action and violence.

Many of its members have been jailed for serious criminal offences in the UK and America.

The FBI has been investigating the ALF for decades and its special agents routinely generate new reports on the movement’s criminal activities.


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