Britain Threatened by “Vegan Terrorism,” Claims Piers Morgan

TV presenter Piers Morgan fears Britain is being threatened by “vegan terrorism.” Morgan made his remarks during a TV interview with Joey Carbstrong, a convinced criminal turned vegan activist who claims milking cows is cruel.

Morgan told Carbstrong: “A lot of people might be tempted to take up a vegan-based lifestyle, but it’s the vegan terrorism that’s going on. I realise veganism is a growing thing. My problem is this animal terrorism that’s going on. Anyone who drinks milk according to you is a murderer.”

Carbstrong, whose real name is Joseph Armstrong, appeared on the Good Morning Britain show in the UK with chef Antony Worrall Thompson.

Morgan added: “If cows stayed in fields and were milked every day, would you be fine with that? Your issue is not really about milk is it? Your issue is anything to do with animals you’ve got a problem with.”

Morgan also referred to comments made by Carbstrong in 2016 when he said dairy farmers in Australia should “kill themselves.”

Morgan added: “Seems to me you’re a pretty violent guy.”

Carbstrong replied: “That was when I first went vegan. I was angry. Do I stand by that statement? I’ve publicly renounced it.”

Good Morning Britain is a weekday morning news magazine show.

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