Lettuce Leaves Have a Heartbeat, Claims Militant

AN Australian farmer has told how a militant who made harassing phone calls to him claimed lettuce leaves have a heartbeat. Brendan Farrell said he thought the woman who phoned him had gone “bananas.”

He said: “I am just gobsmacked with some of the bulls**t that’s coming out these people’s mouths on what they are trying to achieve.

“I answer every phone call because that’s what I do – and this Sheila goes she didn’t like the last post I done on Facebook because lettuces have got a heartbeat!

“Some people have just got no bloody idea. None. Vegans are going bananas.”

Farrell, who helps deliver feed to drought-hit farms, then taunted vegans, boasting that his cows will make delicious steaks at Christmas.

He added: “I’m out feeding cows and I can tell you what there’s a steer here that’s going to be delicious at Christmas time. I can’t wait to hook into it. That’s just me. That’s what we do.”

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