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Meat-Free Butchers Mocked

A supermarket has been mocked after opening a meat-free butchers shop.

British supermarket Sainsbury’s has been accused of pandering to a vegan minority by opening a three-day pop-up shop of entirely plant-based meat alternatives.

Customers hoping to find steaks and sausages at the Sainsbury’s butchers in London’s Bethnal Green found themselves sorely disappointed. 

They were offered a non-meat selection including “Sweet and Smoky Barbecued Pulled Jackfruit, Cumberland Shroomdogs, Veggie Ribz, Mushroom Sausages, Pea-protein Mince, and Moroccon Vegbabs.”

But it appears the move may have backfired with many Sainsbury’s customers left bemused. 

One angry social media user fumed:  “Why? A Butcher sells meat? You wouldn’t go to a Greengrocer’s for steak???”

Another added: “What next? Tesco launch vegetable-free Greengrocers?”

But James Hamilton, a Buyer for Sainsbury’s, defended the move.

He said: “Our Meat-Free Butchers has been launched to encourage people to get up close to the products, try what they like and take home some valuable cooking advice and recipe inspiration.”

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