Vegan Burger Sparks Political Storm

POLITICIANS have reacted with fury to the launch of a vegan burger aboard a national airline.

They said the meat-free burgher aboard Air New Zealand flights poses a threat to farmers.

MP Mark Patterson claimed the airline should be supporting the country’s $6billion red meat industry. He said it was a “slap in the face” to the country and could pose “an existential threat to New Zealand’s second biggest export earner.”

The airline was bailed out to the tune of $900 million by the taxpayer 17 years ago.

Acting PM Winston Peters also said that he was “utterly opposed to fake beef.” He said: “Air New Zealand is an airline built by the New Zealand taxpayer, was privatized, was bailed out by the New Zealand taxpayer, and is there because of the taxpayer. Some of the taxpayers are the farming industry who want to ensure they get top end of the product market offshore and our airline should be its number one marketer.”

Mr. Peters has been running the country since 21 June while Prime Minister Jacinda Arden is on maternity leave. The plant-based burger, made by American company Impossible, is offered to business-class passengers on the airline’s Los Angeles to Auckland route.


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