Vegan Diet Leaves Millions Malnourished, Experts Claim

A vegan diet could be the cause of an epidemic of hidden malnutrition around the world, experts have claimed.

Professor Chris Elliot, a scientist from Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK, said vegan diets in part explain why people in wealthy countries are becoming malnourished.

Prof. Elliot, who led an independent review of food systems in 2013, also said badly planned vegan diets could lead to mental impairment and even death.

His views were backed up by his University colleagues Dr Chen Situ who specializes in health studies and Claire McEnvoy, a nutritional epidemiologist specializing in public health nutrition.

They claim badly planned vegan diets lead to “serious micronutrient deficiencies” causing “hidden hunger” which affects two billion people globally.

While many of the cases of hidden hunger are found in developing countries, the phenomenon is also a growing public health concern in developed countries.

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