Vegan Vigil Flops

JUST seven vegans turned up for their own candlelit vigil outside a farm to mourn nine slaughtered turkeys. The small group stood in silence at its gates with a sign which read: “They wanted to live.”

The handful of vegans targeted St Werburgh’s City Farm in Bristol, UK after it announced plans to raffle or auction its turkeys.

The charity farm, which educates people about animal welfare and where food comes from, cancelled a raffle but slaughtered the turkeys for Christmas.

But a defiant spokesman said: “Having listened to the views of a small section of our community, we decided not to hold our annual public turkey auction. However, the aims and objectives of the farm remain unchanged and our turkeys have been sold for Christmas.”

Sarah Nicol, one of seven protesters who turned out, said: “There’s a lot of anger that the turkeys are dead, but we just want people to have a peaceful outlet for their grief.”

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