Vegans have turned on each other in a bitter row over their aggressive recruitment tactics.

Prominent vegan and a reporter for an entertainment platform, Ewan Valentine, accused other vegans of aggressive and unnecessary in-the-face tactics.

Valentine, 28, said: “Veganism has a PR problem. So much so that, as a vegan myself, I want to crawl into a hole whenever the subject is brought up.

“Every city centre has at least one fanatic, who stands outside Morrisons, day in, day out, screaming about how we’re all going to burn in Hell for not using a coaster.

“People are starting to see us, vegans, as fanatics and odd balls. I’m sick of it.”

Valentine has also admitted that he got tired of seeing stories and videos about vegans storming restaurants, harassing farmers and violently trolling people on social media.


He said it is important for animal rights activists to control their emotions, stick to the facts and wait until they are asked about the subject.

He added: “I’ve seen stories/videos about vegans storming restaurants to berate and disrupt unsuspecting diners with the uncomfortable facts regarding the origins of their Sunday roasts.

“I’ve read about vegans sending death threats to farmers. I’ve seen vegan activists branding anyone who drinks milk as ‘cow rapists’.

“I’ve watched vegans become collectively offended to the point of hysteria over a picture of a police station’s breakfasts. And this is just the past few weeks.

“People have every right to question you, to make jokes and to challenge you.

“If you start grilling someone who’s just started tucking into a Big Whopper, you’re probably not going to get very far.

“People’s automatic response is to be defensive – and probably pretty pi**ed off.

Valentine has urged fellow vegans to hold back and stop screaming in people’s faces.

He said: “So can we chill please? For our own sakes. Cheers”



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