Vegans on a Roll

A national high street bakery chain has caved in to pressure to launch a vegan sausage roll.

Greggs in the UK confirmed that it is rolling out the new snack in 950 of its outlets across the country.

The vegan-friendly sausage roll will feature pastry made using vegetable oil and contain a “bespoke Quorn filling.”

Roger Whiteside, chief executive at Greggs, said: “Like many food retailers we have seen increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan products. We have been trying to develop a vegan version of our famous sausage roll for some time now.

The new product will feature a “bespoke Quorn filling

“It has not been easy but our taste panel customers all love this one, so we have decided to launch it as our contribution to Veganuary.”

Across the UK, the demand for vegan food is rising with more and more brands launching products to cater for plant-based diets.

UK supermarket chain Waitrose announced that is launching a range of own-brand Fishless Fingers in its stores, which are made from breaded seaweed tofu with a crispy coating.

Chloe Graves, chilled vegan and vegetarian buyer at Waitrose said: “After the successful launch of our new vegan and vegetarian range in October 2018 we’ve been working to see what other interesting dishes and products we can add to the range. The Fishless Fingers are a great vegan alternative to a much-loved food which we hope our customers will love.”

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