Yes, I support #Februdairy. Get Over It

From Bonfire Night to Go Sober For October…Whichever month is your favorite, 2018 is jam-packed with fundraising campaigns for social justice defenders to undertake.


Most of you have probably heard about the most recent one- Veganuary, a one month challenge for carnivores to eat vegan.


Over the past month it has been almost impossible to avoid conversations about this rapidly growing “trend” worldwide. And while I was never particularly bothered about veganism I really can’t stay silent on this issue anymore.


Blame the reaction I got from yet another vegan when I mentioned Februdairy—a new campaign that aims to increase consumer confidence in the UK dairy industry.


But before I continue, let me ask you… How many of you have ever mentioned the fact they eat meat within the first five minutes of meeting a new person?


Probably none, although please get in touch with me if you do, I will most certainly incorporate it into my next blog post.


The reason I am asking you is because not that long ago a friend of mine suggested we grab lunch with a few colleagues of hers who I had never met before. I agreed, but to my absolute horror things very quickly went out of control. (Can someone guess why?)


Crystal (her name is changed) introduced me to her friends who turned out to be vegan and as expected, they mentioned their animal-free diet as soon as we had exchanged names. I don’t think I was too surprised, but it certainly made me feel very uncomfortable for no particular reason.


Having quickly realised that we do not share the same food/lifestyle preferences, the vegans went on to ask something I hadn’t fully expected from our short and already tense conversation.


“Have you ever thought of going vegan?” I was taken aback, but decided not to expand on the issue. 


Trying my best to force a smile I went on to order my chicken salad. The disgust on the vegans’ faces the entire time I was enjoying me meal was outrageous…


Those of you who follow my blogs would know, that I am that very person who has heard all the arguments behind being vegan and remaining a carnivore is my personal, educated choice. So, dear vegans, please don’t come at me claiming I am oblivious or I don’t understand the issue.


I know your game, as well as your favorite argument which I’ve heard way too many times as a way to try and convince me to give up my “cruel,” “old-fashioned” way of life.


Yes, I love animals, but I also eat them. A simple chain of life.


I also support the dairy industry and think that #Februdairy is a great way to educate people about the realities of farming. And honestly speaking, I am dreaming of that day when we finally take down the unjustified, negative perception of cow’s milk and get people drinking milk again.


Whether you like it or not, that’s how I see things. If vegans are so vocal about what they believe in, why can’t I be?


Enjoying meat and dairy doesn’t make me Cruella De Ville, and it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t support animal welfare.


I love animals, and if I had one I would probably be the best carer for it. I also believe farmers do an amazing job looking after animals, and it’s wrong on so many levels that vegans harass them and call them murderers or rapists.


If you decide to go vegan, that’s completely your freedom of choice. But don’t start giving me attitude and acting all high and mighty about it, trying to make me feel guilty for enjoying the taste of meat.


One last thing… If you are trying to educate me on your vegan agenda, that’s fine, but I would like to hear a reasonable and educated argument. I would love to hear it, but until then?


Get over the fact that I have opinions of my own.

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